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Are there picky eaters? Does your child prefer junk food to vegetables? Is it hard to get your kids to eat healthy food?

you’re not alone! Many parents find it difficult to teach their children to eat healthy. However, we’re here to tell you that it’s not impossible!

One secret to promoting healthy eating in your child is leading by example. When your kids see you enjoying these delicious veggies, chances are they’ll love them too!

Another great way to teach your kids healthy habits is to read nutrition books to your kids. These books teach kids about nutritious food, why it’s important, and how to do it.

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Check out these fun nutrition books for kids!

Tell some interesting stories with these fun nutrition books for kids!
1. Tasty Enough: A Guide to Food and Nutrition for Children
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Tasty enough: Lizzy Rockwell’s guide to kids’ food and nutrition teaches kids how to eat healthy. Topics covered in this book include nutritional groups, the function of nutritious foods, which foods contain nutrients, how much food children need, how the body digests food, and what calories are. It even has kid-friendly recipes! All in all, this comprehensive guide to nutrition for kids is a handy tool for families to enjoy!

2. Why eat well?
Children’s Nutrition Books

Claire Llewellyn’s Why do I need to eat well? Teach boys and girls the importance of healthy eating and exercise. This delightful children’s book is designed around a child’s natural curiosity. Every child asks questions, especially “Why?”. With fun illustrations and a compelling story, why should I eat well? Help kids find answers to why nutrition matters.

3. Little Critter: Good for me and you
Children’s Nutrition Books

Little Critter: Good for Me and You by Mercer Mayer teaches kids how to live a healthy lifestyle while having fun. At school, Little Critter learned the importance of a balanced diet. He understands the food pyramid and fun exercises to help him stay in shape. Little Critter then teaches his family how to stay healthy in a fun way.

4. Meal time
meal time

Elizabeth Verdick’s Mealtime teaches toddler nutrition and table manners. The young children depicted in the story practice basic etiquette such as hand washing. The book also shows how to use napkins, forks and spoons at the table. One of the biggest lessons of this story is to encourage kids to try at least one bite of a new food because it might just be delicious! Ultimately, mealtime helps children develop healthy eating habits and positive eating habits.

5. The Boy Who Loves Broccoli
Children’s Nutrition Books

Sarah A. Creighton’s Boy Who Loves Broccoli is a fantasy story about a boy named Baxter. Baxter loves broccoli so much, he gave it super powers! Baxter uses his broccoli superpowers to help others. When he convinces others to eat broccoli too, they get superpowers like him. Through imaginative storytelling, Creighton encourages young children to eat vegetables and grow big and strong!

6. I will never eat tomatoes

Lauren Child’s “I’ll Never Eat Tomatoes” follows picky eater little Lola. For example, she hates carrots. However, when her brother Charlie tells her that carrots are orange branches from Jupiter, Lola decides to eat some! Lola also hates mashed potatoes. But when Charlie tells her it’s Mt. Fuji’s cloud velvet, Lola tries! On top of that, Lola hates tomatoes. Can Charlie convince them they’re delicious? This fun story is perfect for picky eaters!

7. A Tale of Two Brothers: A Rhyming Story About Healthy Food Choices

A Tale of Two Brothers by Brittany Andrejcin is a rhyming story about healthy food choices. It can help children understand that eating bad food can make them feel bad. They feel good when they eat delicious food. A Tale of Two Brothers is designed to get your kids talking about healthy eating.


Healthy Food Books for Children

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Read books with your own children about healthy eating to put them on the right path and continue the conversation about healthy living.

Eating healthy is often easier said than done.

But teaching our children early will help them stay healthy throughout their lives.

In addition to books for kids on healthy eating, I’ve partnered with several other bloggers to give you ideas for home and classroom learning nutrition lessons.

You can find these children’s nutrition books at your local library, or purchase them through the affiliate links provided.

Healthy Food Books for Kids + Nutrition Unit Learning!

Healthy Food Books for Kids
I work hard to teach my kids to eat smart.

My kids understand the term “empty calories” and how to fuel their bodies.

Right from the start, we talked about how vegetables help our vision and how leptin helps our muscles.

But I’m also trying to strengthen these lessons every day!

Healthy Food Books for Kids

Nutritional knowledge for children: Teaching children about nutrition
Finally a book with real information about real food for real kids ages 8-12.

Maryse Rouffaer of CHHC shares nutrition facts with children.

By providing children with basic and advanced knowledge about their diets, children will be empowered to make better choices about their short- and long-term health, especially if their parents are also informed.


Eating Well: A Guide to Food and Nutrition for Children
Good Enough to Eat is unique: the only nutrition guide for children written specifically for children.

This book provides practical, hands-on resources for families looking to eat healthy, explaining nutrition from carrots to crackers.

Good Enough to Eat includes kid-friendly recipes like Alphabread and Full o’ Beans Soup, and even shows kids how to test their meals for fat.

Perfect for parents, educators, librarians and doctors trying to teach their kids healthy eating!


Why do I need to eat well?
Boys and girls are discovering the importance of eating consciously and with a balanced diet.

They learn that good eating habits are important for health and fitness.


Eat Many Colors: Colorful Healthy Eating for Kids
Eating a lot of color is an easy first look at the nutritional benefits of eating colorful foods (derived from the rainbow-colored natural phytonutrients they contain).

With simple text and captivating illustrations, it inspires young children to make healthy food choices.

They learn that eating whole and “real” foods actually helps them feel good about themselves, their bodies, and their abilities.

If you dream of your child saying, “Can I use carrots instead of potato chips?” Buy a copy and eat lots of colors.

The book includes a chart that makes it fun to track their weekly progress as they discover a new world of healthy food.


Food Fun with BROCC & ROLL 2nd Edition: A Practical Guide to Tasty Learning Activities!
Nutritional Fun with Brocc & Roll, 2nd Edition combines an exploratory approach to learning with healthy humor.

The latest version includes the new MyPlate food guide and 42 reproducible activity sheets.

Children learn to evaluate food and activity habits, set goals, make decisions, understand advertisements and labels, and develop basic cooking and gardening skills.


vegetables we eat
Who would have thought there were so many different types of vegetables?

From sparkling red peppers to lush leafy greens and plump orange squash, this engaging picture book delves into vegetables, explaining how many kinds, how they’re grown, and why they’re so good for us.


berenstein bears and too much junk food
When Mama Bear realized that Papa and the cubs were getting too fat, she made the law.

with the help of Dr. Grizzly’s slideshow on how the body works, the bear family makes healthy adjustments to their diet and fitness habits.


eat letters
While teaching preschoolers how to write uppercase and lowercase letters, Ellert introduces fruits and vegetables from around the world.

The glossary at the end provides useful information about each food.


From Garden to Table: Children’s Guide to Growing, Growing and Preparing Food
Fill with fresh, self-sufficient produce straight from your garden.

Step-by-step planting, care and harvesting tips give the budding gardener a good basic understanding of the planting process.

Bring your homegrown food to the table with over 30 delicious recipes including basil, carrots, green beans, lettuce, potatoes and tomatoes with step-by-step photos.

These easy recipes feature unique flavors and easy-to-grow vegetables you’ll be asking for in seconds!

Love those nutrition books for kids? Find more textbook lists for kids on Mommy Evolution!

Healthy Eating Parents Books for Kids
If you want to learn more about healthy eating for your child, consider the following:

Nutrient Unit Research
In addition to recommending healthy eating books for kids, I’ve partnered with several other bloggers to bring you homeschooling and classroom resources to teach kids about nutrition in general! These teaching resources may contain affiliate links

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